Over Toilet Storage

The expensive furnishings seem to get into the bathroom. Expensive bathtubs, washbasins, and mirrors are used with an objective of giving that beautiful look to the bathroom. 

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Over the toilet cabinet as a solution 

This problem can be easily solved with a beautiful over the toilet cabinet. The over the toilet cabinet is a simple cabinet that is designed with your toilet in mind. There is a lot of thought that has gone into designing this simple object which can be seen from the way it blends smoothly with your toilet. The intelligent design of the cabinet enables it to serve lot of functionality without occupying any additional space and without causing any inconvenience.

You can see a cabinet over the toilet in the adjacent picture. This is a cabinet with glass doors. The cabinet is not exactly expensive. However if you are on a tight budget, then you may go for an open toilet cabinet. On the contrary, if you are not comfortable with displaying your private use objects to visitors, then you may go for a wooden door cabinet. While being comparatively more expensive, it offers complete privacy.

The saving of space on its own is a good enough reason to go for one of these toilet cabinets. However more importantly the toilet cabinet provides a good distraction from the toilet and thereby improves the look of your entire bathroom. You can consider some creative lighting arrangement to enhance the effect even further.

The toilet cabinet helps to enhance the overall beauty of your bathroom by reducing the clutter at other places of your bathroom. 

Your daily use objects like toothbrush, soap, napkins etc can easily go into the cabinet. That will reduce the clutter on your basin thereby giving the visitors a better chance of appreciating the beauty of all those expensive furnishings that you have put into your bathroom.

Before I conclude, please remember to get a cabinet that is compatible with your height. A cabinet that is too tall or too short for you will cause a lot of inconvenience in your day to day activity. A variable height cabinet is the best for this purpose, provided your budget permits you.

The over the toilet cabinet is an example of intelligent use of available space through the use of over toilet storage . More importantly it improves the look of your bathroom without actually requiring you to buy some expensive stuff.

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