How to Build a Following by Branding Yourself
Who Is Your Target Audience?

The reason I ask is because I think that something has been lost in translation because I often have no idea who the person is that recruited me into a business because they are attracting such large numbers of followers. I propose that a new strategy is used, instead of trying to get as many people on our lists as possible why not spend more time branding ourselves, branding our image, branding our business. This way we will be providing value. 

I see so many new marketers making the mistake of advertising a specific company they are with by using pre-written sales letters or company logos. In reality depending on how long these companies have been around advertising this way is not unique. 
Affiliates, team leaders and sponsors I have a question for you:

What are you doing to stand out from the crowd? no matter which business opportunity you represent, people will only connect with you if they can build a rapport or relate to you in some way. Especially if you want them to invest their time and money into a business they know nothing about.

Why not explain what the company is about to your audience, spend time covering the pros and cons of joining you. Be upfront and let everyone know what is necessary to be successful. The reason this is important is because it can become overwhelming on the internet with so much information available.

As team leaders I think it is our job to sort through all the noise and make it useful for people so that they will want to join and be part of our group.

Another area I wanted to cover related to branding ourselves online is that maybe it is time to focus on a smaller group of people, when marketing. Instead of trying to reach everyone, why not pick a niche and become a problem solver.

Look for a theme for your marketing material, find out what people need and then prepare your sales pages to cover those things. Don't be like everyone else be different, have something to offer that will make it easy for people to connect with your message.

As a business owner you will come face to face with the fact that you will need to be clear on who it is that you want to reach with your marketing message. The internet provides a big enough landscape for lead generation. Getting traffic is not hard, figuring out what type of traffic you want is what is the tricky part.

In life you will find that you will get faster results if you "specialize" in something, that means you become an expert. If you try to be everything to everyone you will be facing an uphill battle. Those who are the most successful on the internet are ones who have managed to narrow down their focus on one tiny area.

Reach More Prospects with Personalization Marketing

You have probably heard of that expression, "one size fits all" well on the internet this type of strategy will doom your business. The global international virtual web space can not exist without a variety of different types of people running a variety of types of businesses. Just remember that your customer base is unique.

How to reach your unique customers

As a business owner your goal is to try and reach prospects but have you thought of what those future prospects will look like? if not here are some tips on how to stand out and get "niche specific leads" through personalization marketing strategies.

Marketers who use this method of reaching potential customers will win everytime because the majority of competitors are not using these strategies at all.

It does not matter what your are selling all that matters is that you are selling it to the right person.

Here are some of the best ways to find the "right" prospects and leads for your business.

1. Know who you are talking to in your marketing campaigns. If you try to be too broad you will not get enough results but if you narrow it down to specific demographics then you can see some success.

2. Allow your advertisements to stay small. This means reach those in your local town, city or state. You may be surprised at how quickly your business can grow by focusing on the locals in your area.

3. Pick a niche and use niche specific headings such as "stay at home moms wanted" with a heading like that you know that you will only get responses from moms who are at home. 

4. Use niche specific forums to learn what your audience concerns are all about. What makes them tick, how do they want things presented to them in the marketplace? these are things that forums can help answer.

What is personalization marketing ?

Personalized Marketing is when you tailor your business and your services to fit a "specific" customer. To make it work you need to research and find out what your target audience really wants from you.
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