Secret to Losing Weight with Celebrity Diets
How to Build a Following by Branding Yourself
How to Build a Following by Branding Yourself
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What is the secret to losing fat?

As you are probably aware it is not easy to lose weight after gaining it. Have you ever wondered why that is. What is keeping you from weight loss. One of the biggest kept secret that the health and fitness industry does not want you to know is that you can only lose weight if you change your eating habits.  Hollywood Beautiful: The Ultimate Hollywood Celebrity Beauty Secrets and Tips Guide (Celebrity Diet, Helpful Weight Loss, Nutriton, Diet Plan)

They will sell you all these diet pills, diet books and exercise programs that you can follow for a few months, then they will give you a membership to a video training course that will show you a variety of exercises. They even will give you a meal plan to follow and advice on how to cut calories, measure portion sizes or deliver prepared package meals to your doorstep. But what they do not tell you is that if you want to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle you are going to have to change the way you look at food.

How do you change the relationship you have with food?

I know your probably thinking a relationship what is this, well each of us has a connection with the food that we eat, and we eat it for different reasons. The obvious reason is for energy and to satisfy hunger cravings. But on a deeper level we also eat food for comfort and we eat food to feel better. You have probably noticed that all the foods that fitness nutritionist tell you not to eat are the very ones that provide you the most satisfaction.

Low fat, low carb and calorie diets are hard to stick to on a long term basis because they basically make the food uninteresting and tasteless. You can get fit and slim with these methods but the reason they do not work and you gain all your weight back is because you have to first change the psychological effects of how food makes you feel when you eat it.

Fatty junk food, such as sweets, and processed packaged meals have high sodium and fat contents, many of them have artificial flavors added as well. Chemicals in the food will cause us to become addicted to the taste, the way food makes us feel and the additives keep us fat and always hungry.

The secret to fat loss is to understand how food changes your mood

If you have a bad day you probably want to grab something unhealthy to eat, because it will make you feel better for a short time then you will crash and start to have low energy levels or feelings of being bloated.

Then you will feel guilty and spend the next few days just eating lettuce or drinking coffee. These extremes is what keeps you fat, it is the biggest reason that weightloss programs make so much money.

It is a cycle that must be broken, start by writing down what you eat in a food diary so you can understand how much food you are consuming on a daily basis. Then you will need to get rid of all the food in your refrigerator and cupboards. The reason this is important because if you have easy access to unhealthy foods you will be tempted to eat them when your feeling down.

Change what you eat and how often you eat it

So clear out your pantry and add only good healthy food to your menu. Practice recipes at home and look for ingredients that will make great substitutes to your homemade dishes. You can find sugar substitutes and better ways to grilling, baking and cooking your meals.

Change your habits and you will be able to change your life. Eat for health and vitality instead of eating for mood changes. Keep a written notebook of the foods you are eating and how to add a better selection of diet options.

Following the latest diet craze is not the solution to fat loss. It will require organizing your eating habits, understanding your association with what you eat and coming up with a customize work out plan that you can stick with. 

Do you need an appetite suppressant to lose fat?

I have always been leery of those pills that people take to keep them from being hungry, also known as a appetite suppressant. Do you know what you are doing to your body when you take these things? you are harming yourself, we are supposed to have hunger cravings it is part of survival. so if you disable your need to eat you are putting your health at risk.

Yes you will lose weight but at what cost? Some have found that they go days without eating food and they just drink coffee, tea, water, or a energy drink instead because the diet pills they are taking has told their brain that they are not hungry.

If you ask me that is a form of starvation and many health experts and fitness trainers will tell you that you need to eat and not just once or twice a day but several times, every 2 hours of small meals. This is so that your immune system and energy levels stay high and continue to burn fat to make you leaner.

Remember that not eating is not the answer to weight loss, no matter what people tell you about using appetite control drugs or natural herbs, please avoid them at all costs.  

Can you really lose 47 pounds in 14 days?

You have probably seen the ads and have wondered if they really work, well one thing to remember is that everyone has a different body shape and can lose weight in a variety of ways, some will lose weight in their waist, while others lose weight in their buttocks and others lose weight in their upper body. This is why the total body mass of your fat index must be taken into account. Most people think that what the weight scale says is law but actually it is not recording the lost inches and water loss.

If you think your are losing weight you may only be losing water retention, also if you think you are gaining weight most likely if you have been working out lately it could just be muscle that you have gained which weighs more than fat. So be careful of those ads that promise you a certain amount of pounds that you will lose in a few short days because it just does not work for everyone's body type.